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‘Inspirational’ Gichuhi’s seat at risk

SA Liberal Lucy Gichuhi reportedly faces the prospect of losing her Senate seat.Liberal Senator Lucy Gichuhi could be facing the end of her political career following reports she will be relegated to fourth place on the party’s South Australian ticket at the next election.
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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described the Kenyan-born Senator as “an inspiration” after she defected from Family First to join the Liberal Party in February but the move could see her lose her seat in the parliament.

The party’s right-faction has not embraced the socially conservative senator and will look to install Adelaide City councillor Alex Antic above her on the ticket, the ABC reported on Tuesday.

Assistant Minister for Water and Agriculture Anne Ruston is expected to take top spot, with Senator David Fawcett or Mr Antic to snare second position – leaving Senator Gichuhi in a battle to retain her seat from the near-impossible fourth position.

Senator Gichuhi’s potential demise has reignited discussion about diversity within the Liberal Party but Senator Ruston was quick to point out the party’s democratic selection process.

“The wonderful thing about the Liberal Party is the fact that it is our pre-selectors that make the decision about who is going to sit where in the Senate ticket,” she told reporters in Adelaide on Tuesday.

“I’m certainly really confident that the pre-selectors, the 250 people who get to choose the order of the ticket for the Senate going into the next election, will make a very wise decision.”

She shut down suggestions Senator Gichuhi’s place on the ticket would make a mockery of Mr Turnbull’s “inspiration” comment.

“Lucy is an inspiration,” she said.

“Anybody who saw her maiden speech and that knows Lucy’s story knows that she is an inspirational person.”

Liberal Party state director Sascha Meldrum has been contacted for comment.

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Harry and Meghan pop into Stockton, as royal wedding fever hits the HunterPHOTOS, POLL

Harry and Meghan pop into Stockton, as royal wedding fever hits the Hunter | PHOTOS, POLL Royal Greeting: Mia Ferguson and Molly McLean with Harry and Megs at Stockton. Nice of the happy couple to drop in and say hi.
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Royal wedding fever. Pictures: AP

TweetFacebookLisa raised the money for the cut-out on GoFundMe. It started as a joke, but somehow punters kicked in the$130 cost.

“It is a bit creepy because Harry’s hand is three-dimensional. It’s life-size.Harry is over six-foot.I also have royal family masks,cupcake toppers anda massive corgi balloon,” Lisa told Topics.

“I’m dressing as a bride. I’m channeling Carrie in Sex and the Citywhen she was jilted by Big.

“I have a dress and a headpiece. Guests are wearing costumes.”

High tea will be servedon vintage china.

“If anyone is disrespectful, I will send them out the back to my husband’s domain,” she said.

Also at the party, adance-off will be held to theEurovision-winning Israeli chicken-dance song.

The winner will receive stubby holders witha royal theme.It’s all very proper.

Lisa is particularly looking forward to seeing Meghan Markle’s dress.

“She channels the immaculate style of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, so I am obsessed by Meghan,” she said.

“AndI do hope Princess Beatrice wears a toilet on her head again.”

Lisa isn’t a huge fan of Charles and Camilla.

“I only really like Harry andWilliam and their wives, but I respect the Queen. Prince Philip is the bomb, but the rest of them are a bit useless,” Lisa said.

Posh NamesAs royal fever spreads, we noticed a thing online called a “royal/posh name generator”.

At the click ofa button, you get 10 royal names from each sex. We got these malenames: Carter Chins-Ranton, Preston Winstanley,Felix Gilkes,Henry Cummings,Ashby May-Porter,Timothy Forrest,Rufus Hunton-Blather,Harrison Carlyle,Alfie Pierpont andRupert Dewitt.

And these female names:Caroline Tate,Maude Darlington-Whit,Sara Wildingham,Poppy Baxter,Miriam Smythe,Olivette Winthrope,Helene Remington,Arabella Bainbridge,Penelope Mortcombe andBlanche Winchester.

Wired forSoundTopics was interested to hear ex-Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns apparently has a form of synaesthesia.

“The way sound works in my head is really visual. I hear something and I will add something else to make it seem warmer or colder or tougher or more vulnerable.

“I’ve spoken about it in therapy, because I thought I was crazy, but it’s a thing. I think about it visually, it’s a feeling in my head behind my eyes.”

Apparently, quite a lot of artists have synaesthesia

Singer Pharrell Williams, who wrote the song Happy, said he can “see sounds.”

“There are seven basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. And those also correspond with musical notes,” he said.

“I don’t know if that makes sense but I could always visualise what I was hearing. It was like … weird colors.”

Essendon’s Baguley denies dead dad sledge

Essendon defender Mark Baguely has strenuously denied sledging Carlton AFL opponent Jed Lamb about his dead father.
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Baguley says he’s disappointed by inaccurate media reporting on Tuesday, claiming he had made comments to Lamb about his father during Saturday’s game.

Lamb’s father Colin was killed in an axe attack in 1999 when the Blues’ player was aged just six.

Baguley and Lamb were involved in an altercation at three quarter-time of the MCG game which sparked a melee between players of both teams.

But the Bomber denies making any comment about Lamb’s dad.

“I would like to be extremely clear I was unaware Jed’s father had passed away, nor was it the subject of my comment directed towards Jed,” Baguley said in a statement released on Tuesday by Essendon.

“I was responding to Jed who had made an offensive remark about my physical appearance – something he has done in previous games.

Mark Baguley during Saturday’s game. Photo: AAP

“Jed and I resolved the matter after the match and we shook hands.

“I’m extremely disappointed with the reporting of this story, as it is not a true reflection of the events that took place on the field.”

The pair’s altercation drew in Carlton coach Brendon Bolton, who directed an expletive in Baguley’s direction as he came onto the ground to deliver his three quarter-time address.

Lamb has been fined $1500 by the AFL after being charged with misconduct against Baguley during the ensuing melee.

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Milk supplier NORCO dumped from hospital contract

MILK distributor NORCO has been dumped as the primary milk supplier to north coast hospitals and replaced by foreign-owned company Dairy Farmers.
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The decision by NSW Health’s procurement provider Healthshare toaward the contract to Dairy Farmers, based in Queensland,has outraged dairy farming suppliers between the northern border and the Port Macquarie-Hastings and Macleay regions.

Dairy Farmers is owned byKirin Holdings, operating out of Japan. The contract will supply milk to more than 16north coast health and medical facilities including Port Macquarie and Kempsey.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard reportedly saidNORCO’s bid for the contract, which equates to the supply of 300,000 litres of milk per annum, did not offer an economical price for taxpayers.

NORCO board chairman Greg McNamara said the company was not prepared to negotiate the price of their tenderat the expense of local farmers.

“We try to pay the best price to our farmers and we were not prepared to go in cheaply and undercut the contract because that has impacts down the line on them,” Mr McNamara explained.

NORCO represents 211 north coast dairy farmers, including those based in the Hastings and Macleay,employs 830 staff and hasfactories in both Raleigh and Labrador.

The company is fully farmer-owned and the last large dairy co-operative remaining in Australia with a local history spanning 110 years.

In the last financial year, the co-op received 222 million litres of milk from its suppliers.

NORCO board chairman Greg McNamaraBy turning its back on the local milk supplier, the state government has again shown that it has a tin ear to the needs and concerns of the local community.

HSU secretary Gerard Hayes

The Health Services Union (HSU) said the decision to shift the contract interstate to a foreign-owned company is a blow for local dairy farming communities.

HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes said the decision to abandon Norco was disappointing, as north coast health workers and hospital patients wanted to support their local economy.

“The dairy industry has played a huge role on the north coast for many years,” Mr Hayes said.

“By turning its back on the local milk supplier, the state government has again shown that it has a tin ear to the needs and concerns of the local community.

“We’ve even heard reports of patients refusing to drink the hospital milk unless it’s Norco.

“Health workers are calling on local National Party MPs to overturn this decision, and to make sure local milk is provided in hospitals and health facilities throughout the Northern Rivers and the north coast.”

The HSU has launched a petition to overturn the decision which will be presented to the state government. Supporters can sign it online here.

Port Macquarie News

Edward Street sale in Merewether sets new benchmark

SOLD: This renovated home in Merewether’s Edward Street with ocean and city views and was secured at auction for a record $1.72 million.There was “some spirited bidding” before a renovated home in Merewether with expansive views sold under the hammer for a record $1.72 million last Saturday.
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Mike Flook, of Robinson Property, marketed the four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence with a guide of $1.6 million.

The sale set a new high for Edward Street. The previous highest sale for the street, according to Australian Property Monitors data, was $1.3 million in 2014.

First National Newcastle City’s George Rafty marketed 15 Pearson Street, Lambton which sold at auction last weekend for a street record $1.18 million. It was also the first million-dollar sale for Pearson Street, according to APMdata.

There was a record sale at auction in Lambton’s Pearson Street.

Walkom’s Kate Rundle took a renovated circa 1900s home to auction in Hamilton’s Hudson Street whichsold immediately after proceedings for $880,000.

A three-bedroom home in Gosford Road, Adamstown marketed by Global Partners’ Anthony Birt sold for $615,000 under the hammer.

At PRDnationwide’s auction night at Watt Street Commercial Centre on Wednesday, aterrace in Bruce Street, Cooks Hill sold for $1.65 million and home in Croudace Road, New Lambton Heights for $1.2 million.

Today, Ray White’s Teresa Heighington will take a former panel-beating workshop, now four-bedroom home, in Anderton Street, Islington to auction at 10.30am. Bidding is expected inthe mid $700,000s.

A home in Adamstown’s Gosford Road was bought for $615,000 at auction.